The name ‘Yali’ was inspired from the Hindu mythology. Unknown story of Hindu Mythical animal – Yali (யாளி) Hindus mythical animal or monster Yali can be found in Hindu temples as an ancient art. It has been widely used in South Indian temples pillars. Part of Lion and Elephant as a body and head. These type of ancient mythical animals can be found in various parts of the world and religions.

Yali Dream Creations is a comic company focused on creating original stories to engage global audiences using comics and graphic novels. Yali Dream Creations brings original and imaginative stories with an admixture of horror and fantasy; mind-bending sci-fi and mythology. We nurture and enlighten the next generation to leap onto the comic book scenario through our gripping stories and eye-popping art-work. Our team, from the very creative artists to the exceptionally talented writers, have the same agenda: unfolding great stories.